What is the best backpack for you? As there’s no right model for everyone, it depends on what you’re doing, when and where you’re going, and how long your trip is. Knowing these things will help you determine how much stuff you need to carry. Additionally, you’ll also need a pack that properly fits and a suspension system that can handle your body and the weight you put on it.

What Will You Love In This Product

Ideal for Your Life!

Causalyg Compact 20 Can Electric Cooler/Warmer Tote Bag was designed for the active lifestyle, it is an essential item for anyone who gets hungry or thirsty when driving in their vehicle.

Smart Design

It is perfect for family road trips or anyone who drives frequently. This keeps food and beverages cool without messy ice, plus there is an option to keep them warm instead. If desired, you can even pack healthy snacks like fruit and yogurt. Also, our Electric Cooler/Warmer Bag is CFC free, which won’t do harm to your health and you can rest assured to use it.


  • Dimension: 13.6″L x 9.25″H x 8.07″W
  • Weight: 3.9LB
  • Volume: 18L(22 cans of soda capacity)
  • Input Voltage: 12V DC
  • Current: 4A
  • Power: 50W
  • Power Consumption: 1.2kw.h/24h
  • Outer Material: Nylon+ 230PVC
  • Inner Material: EPE + Aluminum Foil Lining
  • Handle Material: Nylon
  • ↓Cooling Temperature↓: Chills down to 48°F
  • ↑Warming Temperature↑: Warms up to 120-140°F

Note: For protecting the warmer and cooler system, please do not pour water into the extraction fan.


  • Nylon
  • A Multifunctional Electric Cooler & Warmer – The Thermoelectric System allows cooling and warming system, it can chill contents down to 48°F & warm up contents to 120-140°F. Comes with 74″ power cord plugs in any 12V DC receptacle. This storage container keeps your items fresh, like milk, juice, snacks, fruit, salad, pizza, cheese, etc.
  • Massive Capacity – Measuring 13.6″L x 9.25″H x 8.07″W, 4.75 gallons (18L) massive interior size which can hold 20 cans of soda. This portable refrigerator is capable of keeping your food and drinks cool & warm and ready to enjoy at any time.

  • Insulated Food Grade Material – Premium Food Grade EPE pearl cotton and aluminum foil lining offers great thermal resistance to lock up the temperature, BPA-free, safely use. Maintains temperature for up to 4 hours without power supply.
  • Moving Convenience – Fashion handbag design, only 3.9 lbs, allows for effortless carrying and fits easily into car seats for bulk-free travel, ideal for an outdoor picnic, BBQs, camping, office etc.
  • Warranty – Reliable quality, 1-month free trial, 1-year warranty and 24 hours customer service, fulfilled by Amazon, enjoy a purchase completely risk-free.

Some Related Questions With Answers

1. Question: How long do your items remain cool without being plugged in

Answer: When the cooler is out of power, in most cases, it still can keep the temperature generally for 4 hours.

2. Question: Can the cooling temperature be adjusted from 45 degrees to 60 degrees?

Answer: Theoretically, our cooler can cool down to 45°F and warm up to 120°F. But the cooling temperature cannot be adjusted cause our cooler only can be switched between the cooling system and warming system.

3. Question: Is there a suggested inverter to buy for this to be able to plug it in while in the house or hotel?

Answer: Hi, the adapter is available now, you can shop it at our store. It allows the cooler/warmer to be used in the house and the hotel.

4. Question: Can this be used as a lunch bag for my son at school?

Answer: Probably not, a little bit big for that, plus the matter of having to plug it in. I guess if it had been plugged in overnight, it would stay cool during the school day, but it looks more like a medium size duffle bag, not ideal for a kid to lug around for lunch.